Blades, Baldrics, & Frogs

Pirate Cutlass Scissor Dagger Folding Knife and Fork Set
Pirate CutlassScissor Dagger Folding Knife and Fork Set

Aargh Matey! Are ye a pirate or not? Ye are? Well then. Ye be needin' a Cutlass! This Pirate Cutlass' total length is 30" with the blade measuring 24".

Dagger Scissors. They come with a metal scabbard for safekeeping. Available in two colors: pewter or pewter with gold highlights. Approximately 10.25" long. Click Picture for details! $15.00

Folding knife and fork set in leather case. The knife and fork are approximately 8" open and the case is 5.5" tall. Click Picture for details! $15.00




Interlocking Dinnerware Dagger Folding Knife
Interlocking DinnerwareDaggerFolding Knife

Whether you are in search for the Holy Grail, camping, or attending feast these interlocking silverware are sure to be admired. $5.00 for one set (spoon/fork and knife)

Also known as Siamese Blades, named for its dual sharp edges. With 12.5 inches in length, dual sharp edges, and sheath. Choice of Black Wood, Brown Wood or White Bone Handle

Folding knife with black horn or white bone handle. 4.5" closed, 8.25" open. Click Picture for details! $7.00




Swedish Ship Riggers knife Baldric Two Buckle Baldric
Swedish Ship Riggers knifeBaldricTwo Buckle Baldric
The Swedish Ship rigger knife is small and compact. When assembled the blade and handle are 7 3/4" long. The blade is 3". This is an excellent knife for a sailor.

 This is a custom made black leather baldric. It comes with a 3" inch wide shoulder strap. The buckle is also 3" inches wide. 3 straps hold your cutlass in place.

This black leather baldric is 2 1/2" wide. The round buckle is 3 1/2". Sure to be the talk of the Pirate Festival, Renaissance Fair or Re-enactor's Party.




Square Buckle Baldric Dagger Frog Hanger Frog
Square Buckle BaldricDagger FrogHanger Frog

This black leather baldric is 1 1/2" wide. The square buckle is 2 1/4". This Baldric is light-weight and classy. Sure to be the talk of the Pirate Festival or Renaissance Faire.

The Dagger Frogs are an efficient and economical way to hang almost any size of dagger with comfort and ease. The Dagger Frogs are truly simplicity at its best.

Dont let your sword or cutlass hang in just any frog. Use this hanger for easy access and ease. The round loop is 2" wide to hold just about anything. Just slide yer baldric through it and go!




Rapier Frog
Rapier Frog

These rapier frogs hang at the proper angle to allow you to reach and secure your scabbard correctly. The leather rapier frog is perfect for smaller knives.